Connecting Security Professionals


History & Experience with a Proven Track Record

Final Image is an established, alternative security consulting group deeply rooted and interconnected within the security industry.

Utilizing Final Image’s unique position as trusted advisors, our seasoned team of security specialists bank on their experience and industry connections to empower clients with the knowledge and tools they need to build and successfully run their security programs.

Established in 2010, Final Image have worked with all levels of enterprise security and private sector program management.

Our Promise: Discretion & Confidentiality

We fully understand and appreciate the material nature and sensitivity of those looking to explore opportunities and for those companies looking to strategically add to or change their environments.

Final Image adheres to a very strict process of discretion and confidentiality. All inquiries, submissions and requests for exploratory discussions are treated in a professional and discrete manner.

Final Image Inc.
Westbury Corporate Centre. 2275 Upper Middle Road East, Suite 101
Oakville, ON Canada. L6H 0C3. Phone: 905-491-6838


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