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Helping our clients identify, understand and implement their security requirements and strategies.




The security professional of today is a vital part of any successful business

Security considerations, regardless of nature, have become an essential extension of any organizations ongoing operations and strategic planning. The ability to understand how the discipline fits within your organization can be somewhat overwhelming. Increasingly, organizations are turning to dedicated security firms like Final Image, to help guide, assess and execute on strategic and tactical initiatives.

Secured Advisory as a Service

Regardless of the pending structured situation, Final Image has developed an ingredient based service offering that has helped organizations connect, assess and evaluate their market strategy and resource requirements.

Our exploratory assessments will help validate an organizations readiness or security credentials for potential partnerships, mergers and/or acquisitions.

A Final Image signature recruitment services that guides our clients with true focus in finding fit for their requirements.

Project-based services offering a pool of talent on demand to deal with your work overflow and unexpected challenges.

Save time and resources by engaging industry experts to help with specific project requirements that require subject matter experts.

Help reposition, identify, validate and negotiate potential partnerships and/or acquisitions with Final Image support.

Working with Final Image was a very positive experience and also very worthwhile. We were kept well informed about the candidates they presented and those candidates were all top drawer – as advertised. They also brought a uniquely Canadian perspective to helping us expand our presence. I would highly recommend considering Final Image, not only for their pleasant professionalism and unique capability – but the end result considered the candidate as well as our company culture in finding an excellent fit.
Enterprise Account ManagerBoon Edam, Inc.