“Security is a Process, not a Product”
(Bruce Schneier, Global Security Expert)

The Professional Services team at Final Image is a dedicated group of security specialists focused on helping our clients plan and implement their security strategies. As an independent resource, one of our key strengths is the ability to function with pure objectivity and unencumbered by market alliances or technology biases.

Our Professional Services provide:

  • Experience, value and responsibility for our clients
  • A holistic approach to risk mitigation along with our expertise in existing and emerging technologies
  • The ability to bridge the Physical and Information security gap with a unique and unmatched capability

The Evolving Threat Landscape

The risks and vulnerabilities to each organization will change over time. The SecureAware framework is a proactive position to manage new risks and vulnerabilities as they arise.

A recognized lack of objective and skilled security professionals with real-world, security expertise.

Integrated security technologies that are becoming increasingly complex and vulnerable.

A lack of security best-practices to secure people, assets and information.

The inherent challenges to effectively mitigate both physical and cyber threats across the enterprise.

An ingredient-based security framework, developed to address the unique vulnerabilities inherent to the security environment. Each SecureAware service, created from a best practices perspective is specifically tailored for your needs and objectives.

Governance, Risk Management & Compliance

    • Solutions for organizations to meet governance, legislative, standards, compliance or achieve self-objective best practices.

    Security Policies & Procedures

      • Review, update or create security corporate and operational policies and procedures.

      Physical Security & Operations Assessment

        • Assessment and recommendations on your existing physical security enterprise and strategic planning on emerging technologies.  An unbiased perspective on what electronic security measures best fit your business needs.

        Threat, Risk & Vulnerability Assessment

          • The cornerstone for identifying security threats and risks to an organization and part of the risk management process. Providing a manner to make informed, best choice decisions for treating risk, in a proactive, continuous and cost effective way.

          Business Continuity Planning

            • A balanced approach to business continuity and recovery focuses on prevention and mitigation procedures to minimize the likelihood and consequences of a disruptive event.

          An extension of your due diligence

          Utilizing Final Image’s unique position as a trusted advisor within the security industry, our team of security specialists bank on their experience and industry connections to plan and implement detailed and tactical security strategies.