Securing the perfect fit

For some, it is all about aggressive growth. For others, it’s all about divestiture, succession planning or the realization that market factors are such that merging for synergies represent the inevitable. Our mandate is to fully understand an organization’s vision and culture long before the complexities of a formal merger or acquisition are in play.

We conduct in-depth Market Intelligence studies to ensure all relevant information, including brand integrity and reputation, are fully disclosed prior to stakeholders engaging in lengthy and costly exercises.

Identifying, validating & negotiating potential partnerships and acquisitions

Group of PeopleFor many companies, the ability to grow organically is hampered by the reality of insufficient resources and expertise within existing or potential market paths.  For those that may have such resources, time to market tends to be the mitigating factor. Final Image has the global connections and experience to help organizations of any size or complexity identify and procure/merge for successful fit.

  • Sourcing and providing guidance on potential partners or acquisition targets for seamless transition
  • Understanding, negotiating and integrating underlining synergies that would represent a greater whole for greater market revenue protection and generation
  • Develop and aid in the execution of a funding/restructuring strategy
  • Integration and input into market planning

A Partner in your Due Diligence

As a security specialist with M&A experience, Final Image is a valued resource for Legal, Insurance and Investment firms as an extension of their due diligence function.

Our unique, cross-functional expertise offers valuable insight into an acquisitions’ existing physical and network security measures. Final Image brings verifiable data on the possible costs required to raise a new asset’s standards to meet their own.

• Physical Security building audits with technology assessments and inventory management
• Threat & Risk Assessments for assets, information and employees
• Governance, Standards & Compliance reviews

Succession planning & business transitioning

Working with private companies that may not have a succession plan in place, or do not have an option to pass the company on for business for personal (retirement) revenue continuity.

  • Working in a consultative manner to help identify and fully understand market valuation
  • Reposition and developing avenues of business transition


Sometimes an organization’s best path is to focus on what they do best and revert back to their core business. In doing so, there may be a need to divest a business unit or subsidiary that holds market value. With a vast network of clients, relationships and professional involvements, Final Image works with such companies to explore potential suitors or avenue of divestiture that will best benefit the organization.

Find the exact fit for your organization

We will work to find the perfect fit for your organization, giving constant consideration to your long-term corporate goals.