Risk & Advisory Services

Helping leaders approach risks intelligently to reap benefits and accelerate growth

The Final Image Risk & Advisory team roll up their sleeves and helps clients understand today’s risk environment & how it impacts their business objectives & goals. We are committed to sharing knowledge and best practices to help our clients build secure, compliant and resilient organizations. As an independent resource, one of our key strengths is the ability to function with pure objectivity unencumbered by market alliances or technology biases.

Governance, Risk Management & Compliance

Solutions for organizations to meet their governance and compliance requirements and achieve best practices.

Security Policies & Procedures

The creation, implementation and review of corporate standards and operational security policies and procedures.

Physical Security & Operations Assessment

Assessment and recommendations on your existing physical security enterprise and strategic planning on emerging technologies.

Risk, Threat, & Vulnerability Assessment

The cornerstone for identifying security threats and risks to an organization and part of the risk management process.

Business Continuity Planning

A balanced approach to business continuity and disaster recovery focusing on prevention and risk mitigation.

CPTED Audit & Site Assessments

Assessing the physical environment and applying effective principles towards better quality of life through crime reduction.

RFP Development & Project Management

Impartial experience and guidance with budgeting, design, procurement and project management of your security initiatives.

Employees Awareness Training

On-site security awareness training for your employees and contractors. A vital element of security planning and risk mitigation.


"There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction."

John F. Kennedy

ERM Framework
& Process Model

Using the best practices of the Enterprise Risk Management framework and process model, we help organizations holistically manage and assess security threats, vulnerabilities, and risks across various elements within their physical and logical security management programs. We widen the lens and bridge the gaps with risk-based, prioritized, and synergistic security strategies.

The Benefits of Non-Biased Security & Risk Management


Our sole responsibility is to the customer, there is no benefit to 'playing favorites.' As a critical resource independent from manufacturers, MSPs and integrators, Final Image’s positioning ensures a fair playing field for all vendors and technologies. As threats and systems become more complex, integrated and connected the need for impartial information and guidance increases.

Knowledge & Validation

Industry-wide knowledge held by a third-party provider serves to validate existing programs and provide recommendations for growth or change when necessary. Based on industry best-practices, Final Image Risk & Advisory Services leverage both the experience of its trusted security professionals with its auditing and reporting capabilities to deliver impactful results.

Result Accuracy

Results of a third-party risk program often provide a more accurate view of what is occurring within your environment. Final Image’s clear and actionable reports allow for management to take real ownership of a company’s security posture while also allowing risk mitigation to become a more significant part of a company’s culture.

Lower Business Impact

Save time, reduce costs. Audits conducted by internal parties can often be taxing on time and labour resources. Third party audits bring a fresh set of eyes and a different approach to the research, review, and analysis of results, which can lead to reduced loss and operational improvement.

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