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Stiff competition for talent and a limited pool of security professionals can make staffing an arduous task.

Final Image signature recruitment services provides privileged access to skilled resources and market opportunities across all industries to ensure the correct fit.


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With an incomparable understanding of security related positions and dedication to our candidates, we are primed to provide you with the perfect role. We can open a world of possibilities with a sense of urgency and direct honesty that sets us apart from your generalist-type recruiter. Our deep market awareness is your advantage.

• Get access to a selection of opportunities within the security sector, often not publicly posted.
• Introductions to the best employers, but more importantly avoid potential employers with red flags.
• Your partner for your long-term career path planning.

Roles We Typically Fill: • Executive Management • Corporate Security • Sales and Business Development • Operations Management • CAD draftsman • Product Managers • Project Managers • Loss Prevention Managers • Risk Threat Assessment Consultants • Technicians


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Final Image makes it easy for you to hire industry’s top performers, suited to your team dynamics in the shortest amount of time.

• Reduce the time spent on the recruitment process.
• Narrow the pool of applicants to the most qualified candidates.
• Lower turnover costs by making smarter hiring decisions from the start.
• Build relationships, resulting in higher levels of employee engagement and retention.
• Save you costly errors that result in loss of knowledge, productivity, and sales.
• Showcase company brand and culture, ensuring the right fit.
• Allow you to keep your focus where it belongs – the bottom line.

An extension of your due diligence, Final Image Recruitment Services includes: ​

Candidate Assessment & Identification
  • Assist in the development of a performance-based job description that speaks to the high-value, passive candidate​
  • Comprehensive and diligent search as part of a rigorous pre-qualification process​
  •  Introduction and coordination of candidates for presentation​
  • Background checks including Criminal Record Verification, Reference Verification, Credit Check and Driver’s Abstracts​
  • Compensation and retention strategy refinement and development
  •  On-boarding & Follow-up Support
  • ​​Contract Services
Our tailor-made recruitment services offers a wide range of solutions for your needs.  
  • Contract Services
  • Full-time, contract - month by month or long-term, to deal with your work overflow and unexpected challenges gauge the real need to add employee headcount prior to making the logistical and financial leap
  • On-boarding & Follow-up Support

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