Looking to Sell Your Business?

With Final Image as your trusted advisor, we will explore your options, offer guidance and quietly explore the investing market for well-qualified buyers.

Considering M&A to Fuel Growth?

Whether considering buying for growth, market strategy or product & service alignment, Final Image have access to a wealth of market leading and discreet sellers.

Have An Offer to Buy Your Business?

If you've been approached by a buyer, Final Image advisors are skilled at creating leverage through negotiations or competing offers to maximize your value.

Need An Exit Strategy?

Perhaps you’re not ready to sell today but would like a plan that outlines your strategy and options for exiting your business in a way that maximizes on your investment.


Final Image focuses on maintaining and developing a very high level of specialization, industry-specific knowledge and in-depth expertise in the security industry. We build long-term relationships and understand our clients' business needs in order to achieve optimum results.

As your business advisor, Final Image will guide you and your company through the complexities and intricacies of a sale, succession plan or divestiture.

Our ability to navigate the investor market with utmost discretion and confidentiality ensures your reputation, brand and daily operations are not sacrificed.


STEP ONE: Acquisition Strategy

A vital part of any successful transaction is establishing realistic expectations for everyone involved. Our services and timeline going forward are well defined with complete transparency and objectivity.

STEP TWO: Valuation

We position you to maximize your company’s worth by building a compelling story that speaks to your true value. Both tangibles and intangibles will form the basis by which we position you to prospective buyers.

STEP THREE: Develop Pitchbook

A key element of marketing your business is the development of a professional Pitchbook that aids buyers in evaluating your company and the opportunity. With your input, the Pitchbook will reflect your brand and values.

STEP FOUR: Search for Buyer

With a wealth of contacts, Final Image establish a short-list of strategic and motivated buyers. We represent you and guide prospective buyers as we explore the opportunity through confidential and discreet discussions.

STEP FIVE: Offer Evaluation

Having now received written notice of interest from buyers, Final Image evaluates each Letter of Intent through the lens of experience to determine best financial gain and strategic alignment.

STEP SIX: Negotiation

The often emotional and disruptive process of negotiating the terms of an offer is best suited to the experts at Final Image who represent your interests and ensure all aspects of a successful transaction are explored.


Final Image takes a vital role in supporting the closing phases of a successful transaction and provides your accounting and legal team with valuable insight and guidance.

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