Deeply rooted in the security industry

Final Image is an established, alternative security and risk consulting group that is deeply rooted and interconnected within the security industry. Final Image helps organizations of varying sizes and complexities to:

  • Define overall security strategies, facilitate the creation of threat & risk assessments, create best practice policies and mitigate risk across your security network
  • Create investor-tested valuations and represent buyers and sellers in the security market

Final Image has developed its service offerings to help organizations assess their security vulnerabilities and target quality investors and security investments.

A proven track record

As trusted advisors to some of the most influential individuals and companies in Canada, Final Image’s proven track record continues to bridge a vast network of discrete relationships.

Final Image employs a transparent, long-term consultative relationship with its clients.

Final Image provides a unique approach to the security industry – security professionals helping security professionals.  It’s not often our profession is served by other security experts.  That’s what I appreciate about the services they offer. They focus on the needs of security executives, and company’s searching for security expertise and deliver on these needs because they are security professionals too.  A very rare combination!”